With 9 Events (4 held in collaboration with IBME, CBC, i-sense and UCLA), featuring 78 speakers, 44 student submissions, 2 competitions and 2 new initiative launches, the 1st UCL Festival for Digital Health mobilised over 1000 individuals, o v e r 500 participants from 7 UCL Faculties (FES, FPHS, FBS, MAPS, FMS, Bartlett and FS&HS), UCL Enterprise, OVPR, UCLP, general public and IT/MedTech and start-up industries.

Our discussions with participants and informal feedback support small post-event evaluation survey showed the aims of the FDH was achieved:

  • 95% respondents who attended FDH events were satisfied
  • 69% respondents felt FDH provided good networking opportunities
  • 59% respondents learned more about innovations and trends in Digital Health
  • 44% respondents got a new research/business project ideas at FDH
  • 40% respondents established new collaboration with students/colleagues from UCL

Most importantly, 97% respondents would attend a second FDH and want to see it “grow and continued”. With no doubt, the Festival succeeded in establishing a new DH movement across UCL/UCLP underpinned by senior support, staff commitment and energy, with fast growing momentum. This paved the way towards an establishment of the pan- UCL Institute for Digital Health.

We have provided two documents for those interested. The first is our complete Evaluation Report, and also a ‘Lessons Learned’ document. The latter is aimed towards those who plan to plan festivals within UCL in the future with some tips as to how to put them together.

Thank you to all those who contributed to making our UCLFDH such a success!


Evaluation Report (link)

Lessons Learned (link)

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