Digital: the new frontier in healthcare

Everything is affected by the digital revolution. The opportunities for improving healthcare could be extraordinary. Interdisciplinary research is key to this. The UCL Festival for Digital Health will connect UCL’s world-class research in computer science, engineering, medicine and health service delivery. Together they can have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations. Collaborations across engineering and healthcare will make UCL a leading institution for Digital Health research. Join us to discover new technologies, Share achievements, Network with staff, industry and healthcare and Create new collaborations – a new momentum!

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Byte-Size Digital Health

23rd June 2014, 5:30pm – 8:30pm


  • Roberts Building Foyer G02 - UCL


Patty Kostkova

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What is Digital Health, and what does it mean for patients, healthcare professionals and researchers? In this interactive evening session we will be discovering how new technology and data can affect the way we understand and provide healthcare, and how new technologies can improve human wellbeing. This session aims to inspire and inform our understanding of digital health, as well as providing a brief introduction to the activities taking place as part of the UCL Festival for Digital Health.

‘Speed-dating’ style, there will be lots of opportunity for both informal chats and networking. You will be invited to explore topics from gamification to global health, and human error to healthcare funding. Our partners and sponsors will have stands throughout the Roberts Foyer – have a chat with them!

Our stands on the night:

EEN provides support to businesses looking to grasp opportunities present in the European market that might otherwise go unnoticed find your right supplier, distributor or co-development partner. Check the latest searches for Horizon 2020 Partnership Requests. We assist in the creation of mutually beneficial partnerships for local organisations, helping them build their innovation capacity and meet their capital requirements. Come and find out more on the night or visit now.

The Health Social Innovators’ Programme is a partnership between UCLB, Healthbox, Numbers4Good, Trafford Housing Trust and Janssen Healthcare Innovation, which has received backing from the Cabinet Office Social Incubator Fund (SIF) to support the growth of early-stage health social ventures. The initiative aims to help drive a robust pipeline of start-up social ventures which have the potential to deliver tangible societal benefits.

No prior knowledge or experience in the field is required, all are welcome, and refreshments will be provided!

Please arrive at 17:30 to register and pick up badges. The event starts at 18:00 sharp.

Chair: John Tooke
Venue: Roberts Building Foyer G02 - UCL

Registration - 30 minutes

Starts: 5:30pm   Ends: 6:00pm
Please pick up your badges.
John Tooke Vice Provost (Health)

Welcome Address - 15 minutes

Starts: 6:00pm   Ends: 6:15pm
Speaker: John Tooke
Caroline Wood Assistant Director
UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

Presenting... BCT Workshops - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:15pm   Ends: 6:20pm
Speaker: Caroline Wood
Henry Potts Senior Lecturer

Presenting... Digital Health Student Conference - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:20pm   Ends: 6:25pm
Speaker: Henry Potts

Presenting... Gamification and Self-Tracking - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:25pm   Ends: 6:30pm
Speaker: Alexandra Douglass-Bonner
Ann Blandford Professor of Human–Computer Interaction
UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

Presenting... People at the Centre of Digital Health - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:30pm   Ends: 6:35pm
Speaker: Ann Blandford
Rachel McKendry Director
i-sense, the EPSRC IRC in Early Warning Sensing Systems for Infectious Diseases
Sarah Chaytor Head of Public Policy
Office of the Vice-Provost (Research), UCL

Presenting... Who owns the Data? - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:35pm   Ends: 6:40pm
Speakers: Rachel McKendry, Sarah Chaytor
Patty Kostkova Principal Research Associate
Computer Science, UCL

Presenting... Global Public Health - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:40pm   Ends: 6:45pm
Speaker: Patty Kostkova
Daniel Hulme Research Associate
UCL Computer Science

Presenting... Dialogues and Impact in Digital Health - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:45pm   Ends: 6:50pm
Speaker: Daniel Hulme
Steven Schooling Director of Physical Sciences, Engineering, Built Environment & Social Sciences
UCL Business

Presenting... The Health Social Innovators’ Fund - 5 minutes

Starts: 6:50pm   Ends: 6:55pm
Speaker: Steven Schooling
Venue: Roberts Building Foyer G02 - UCL

Structured "Speed-Dating" Networking and Chat - 1 hour

Starts: 7:00pm   Ends: 8:00pm
Let's talk "digital health": you will see our various sponsors and partners from UCL and beyond have stands throughout the Roberts Foyer. Go towards the stands which interest you, talk to people who are interested in the same stand. Look particularly for those with a different colour sticker on their badge: they will be from a different "area" than you (general interest, academia, industry, or healthcare practitioner).

- What are potential collaborations you could create?
- What aspects of digital health has a direct impact in your life?
We will blow a whistle after 15 minutes. Mix and mingle!

Drinks will be served throughout.

Drinks Reception - 30 minutes

Starts: 8:00pm   Ends: 8:30pm