Digital: the new frontier in healthcare

Everything is affected by the digital revolution. The opportunities for improving healthcare could be extraordinary. Interdisciplinary research is key to this. The UCL Festival for Digital Health will connect UCL’s world-class research in computer science, engineering, medicine and health service delivery. Together they can have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations. Collaborations across engineering and healthcare will make UCL a leading institution for Digital Health research. Join us to discover new technologies, Share achievements, Network with staff, industry and healthcare and Create new collaborations – a new momentum!

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Dialogues and Impact in Digital Health

3rd July 2014, 12:00am – 6:30pm


  • Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre - UCL


Daniel Hulme

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The ‘Dialogues and Impact in Digital Health’ is the high-profile closing event of the Festival for Digital Health. We will celebrate successful translational research projects and technologies deployed in real-world healthcare settings.

Senior UCL and international experts will discuss the challenges and opportunities for dialogues and effective collaboration in digital health. An industry led session will highlight major market opportunities and translational research partnerships by key corporate players and venture capitals.

The Festival for Digital Health closing ceremony lead by Prof David Price, VP Research, will include a wide variety of stimulating talks and a keynote from Jenny Tooth, Director of the Angel Capital Group, London, which will be followed by a networking reception (from 5pm in the North Cloisters of UCL).

12:00 – Registration and lunch (North Cloisters, UCL)

12:30-17:00 – Event (Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre)

17:00-18:30 – Drinks reception (North Cloisters, UCL)

Venue: Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre - UCL

Registration and Lunch -

Starts: 12:00am   Ends: 12:00am
Please note this takes place in the North Cloisters of UCL.
David Patterson CEO
Helicon Health Ltd.

Digital healthcare for chronic disease – closer, better, cheaper - 20 minutes

Starts: 12:30pm   Ends: 12:50pm
Our unique package of web software and services enables quality shared care, closer to home, for patients with long term cardiovascular diseases, which cost the UK £9b/year.  Only through better management and earlier diagnosis will costs be reduced and patient outcomes improved, as illustrated by our highly successful pilot in London. In a short period of time and with limited resources, Helicon has developed products that are already being used by 5 CCGs in south-east England – covering a population of 1.6m people.  
Speaker: David Patterson
Rachel Jones Innovation Specialist
Digital Economy Catapult

Collaborating around an Open Health Data Platform - 20 minutes

Starts: 12:50pm   Ends: 1:10pm
Speaker: Rachel Jones
Matthew Bonam Project Director, Intelligent Pharmaceuticals
Andrew Martello Co-Founder and Managing Director
Spoonful of Sugar

Personalised medicine: the role of digital technology in optimising medicines-related behaviour - 20 minutes

Starts: 1:10pm   Ends: 1:30pm
Optimised health outcomes through the application of evidence-based adherence-enhancing interventions and enabled through the adoption of digital health behaviours to personalise medicine from a pharmacological and psychological perspective.
Speakers: Matthew Bonam, Andrew Martello
Chair: Daniel Hulme
Venue: Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre - UCL
Kingshuk Pal Senior Clinical Research Associate
UCL Department of Primary Care and Population Health

HeLP-Diabetes – an online self-management intervention for adults with type 2 diabetes - 20 minutes

Starts: 1:30pm   Ends: 1:50pm
HeLP-Diabetes is an innovative online self-management tool made for adults with type 2 diabetes. The tool looks to provide information, behaviour change support, online cognitive behaviour therapy, peer support and self-monitoring tools to improve outcomes in a highly prevalent chronic condition with significant morbidity and mortality. It has been enthusiastically embraced by a number of primary care organisations and is being used by people across Camden, Islington and Southwark.
Speaker: Kingshuk Pal
Patty Kostkova Principal Research Associate
Computer Science, UCL

Delivering infection training to professionals, children and public - 20 minutes

Starts: 1:50pm   Ends: 2:10pm
Traditionally, research impact is created through commercialization and technology transfer. We piloted an alternative model: the “research-service” framework, created by City ehealth Research Centre (CeRC) I lead in the period 2002-2012, is a win-win model. Computer science research benefits by solving real world problems providing realistic case studies and evaluation testbeds as well as access to domain experts and users for validation, evaluation and experiments. Healthcare services are significantly enhanced by the application of cutting edge research results for benefit of users. This model also creates a unique long term partnerships between the university and healthcare agencies opening new funding streams.

In this talk, the highlights of global impact achieved through research translated to the National Resource for Infection Control (disseminating latest evidence to infection control professionals globally), the project (teaching children basics of hygiene and antibiotics resistance with translations to EU languages), and FEMwiki (providing Web 2.0 collaborative training resource for field epidemiologists in Europe) will be presented.
Speaker: Patty Kostkova
Muki Haklay Professor of Geographical Information Science
UCL Dept of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering
Louise Francis UCL Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS)

Mapping for Change - 20 minutes

Starts: 2:10pm   Ends: 2:30pm
Mapping for Change use participatory mapping and citizen science approach to work with wide range of communities. We have worked with communities to map and provide evidence of local sources of pollution that influence their life, record topics that they would like to see changing and the impact of environmental volunteering activities.
Speakers: Muki Haklay, Louise Francis
Chair: David Price
Venue: Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre - UCL
Ann Blandford Professor of Human–Computer Interaction
UCL Centre for Behaviour Change
Matthew Bonam Project Director, Intelligent Pharmaceuticals
Ciro Cattuto Director of Research
ISI Foundation
Anthony Costello Professor
UCL Institute for Global Health
Phil Koczan Chief Clinical Information Officer
Geraint Rees Director
UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience

Panel on Interdisciplinary Challenges and Opportunities in Digital Health - 1 hour

Starts: 3:00pm   Ends: 4:00pm
Prof David Price chairs an open panel to discuss the various challenges and opportunities within the area of Digital Health.
Speakers: Ann Blandford, Matthew Bonam, Ciro Cattuto, Anthony Costello, Phil Koczan, Geraint Rees
Jenny Tooth Director
Angel Capital Group

Keynote: Investment into Research - 30 minutes

Starts: 4:00pm   Ends: 4:30pm
Speaker: Jenny Tooth
Patty Kostkova Principal Research Associate
Computer Science, UCL
Daniel Hulme Research Associate
UCL Computer Science

Closing Session - 20 minutes

Starts: 4:30pm   Ends: 4:50pm
Speakers: Patty Kostkova, Daniel Hulme
David Price Vice-Provost (Research) / Professor of Mineral Physics

Closing Address - 10 minutes

Starts: 4:50pm   Ends: 5:00pm
Speaker: David Price

Drinks Reception - 1 hour, 30 minutes

Starts: 5:00pm   Ends: 6:30pm
The drinks reception will be taking place in the North Cloisters of UCL.