Digital: the new frontier in healthcare

Everything is affected by the digital revolution. The opportunities for improving healthcare could be extraordinary. Interdisciplinary research is key to this. The UCL Festival for Digital Health will connect UCL’s world-class research in computer science, engineering, medicine and health service delivery. Together they can have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and populations. Collaborations across engineering and healthcare will make UCL a leading institution for Digital Health research. Join us to discover new technologies, Share achievements, Network with staff, industry and healthcare and Create new collaborations – a new momentum!

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Digital Health Devices

20th June 2014, 12:00pm – 7:00pm

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  • Archeology Lecture Theatre G6 - UCL


Quentin Pankhurst, Eric de Silva

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This summer, the Festival of Digital Health is proud to be co-organising the “Digital Health Devices” day with the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, on Friday 20th June. The event features as part of the IBME’s MedTech Week 2014, which showcases medical technology/innovations and biomedical engineering across UCL. You can find more information on the MedTech pages – TBA shortly

The aim of the day is to:

  • Showcase some of the work going on in digital health devices across UCL – a look at some ways in which the data gathered from medical devices can be used at home or in a clinical setting.
  • Medical devices as a gateway to useful patient data and how this can best be analysed/utilised (raising questions around data formats/ unsupervised monitoring/ linkage/ validation).
  • Perspective of this area from representatives of the hospitals themselves – UCL Partners.
  • Examples from Industry and small companies of their work.
  • Goal to bring academics, clinicians and industry together offering an opportunity for networking.

The event is being co-organised by the IBME and the Festival for Digital Health.

The Digital Health Devices day will be followed by a drinks reception at the South Cloisters from 5:30 – 7 pm, providing an opportunity for networking.

Venue: Archeology Lecture Theatre G6 - UCL

Registration, pastries and coffee - 30 minutes

Starts: 12:00pm   Ends: 12:30pm
Quentin Pankhurst Director
UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME)

Opening Speech - 10 minutes

Starts: 12:30pm   Ends: 12:40pm
Speaker: Quentin Pankhurst
Clare Elwell Professor of Medical Physics
UCL Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering

Optical neuroimaging of infants in Africa - 20 minutes

Starts: 12:40pm   Ends: 1:00pm
Speaker: Clare Elwell
Parashkev Nachev Lecturer
UCL Institute of Neurology

Analog healthcare information technology - 20 minutes

Starts: 1:00pm   Ends: 1:20pm
Speaker: Parashkev Nachev
Vivek Dua Senior Lecturer
UCL Department of Chemical Engineering

Nonlinear Model Based Control and Automation for Personalised Haemodialysis - 20 minutes

Starts: 1:20pm   Ends: 1:40pm
Speaker: Vivek Dua
Keir Yong Research Associate Dementia Research Centre
UCL Institute of Neurology

Seeing what they see: compensating for cortical visual dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease - 20 minutes

Starts: 1:40pm   Ends: 2:00pm
Speaker: Keir Yong
Vanessa Diaz Lecturer
UCL Mechanical Engineering

Mathematical Modelling & Medical Devices: Examples and New Developments in Personalised and Digital Healthcare - 25 minutes

Starts: 2:10pm   Ends: 2:35pm
Speaker: Vanessa Diaz
Manuela Bossi PhD Student
UCL Institute of Opthalmology

Exploratory study of a novel home-based treatment for amblyopia - 20 minutes

Starts: 2:35pm   Ends: 2:55pm
Speaker: Manuela Bossi
James Mountford Director of Clinical Quality and Value UCLP
UCL Hospitals NHS Trust
Phil Koczan Chief Clinical Information Officer
David Hill Head of ICT Business Solutions
UCL Hospitals NHS Trust

Harnessing informatics to drive patient & population benefit - 1 hour

Starts: 2:55pm   Ends: 3:55pm
Speakers: James Mountford, Phil Koczan, David Hill
Philip Treleaven Professor of Computer Science
UCL Computer Science

Introduction - 10 minutes

Starts: 4:10pm   Ends: 4:20pm
Speaker: Philip Treleaven
Alan Payne Group Digital Director

eHealth: Outcomes in the Digital Age - 20 minutes

Starts: 4:20pm   Ends: 4:40pm
Speaker: Alan Payne
Alan Johnson Technology Director

Practical lessons from the development of a class IIa therapeutic medical device - 20 minutes

Starts: 4:40pm   Ends: 5:00pm
Speaker: Alan Johnson
Alison Burdett Sensium Healthcare

Wireless patient monitoring on the move - 20 minutes

Starts: 5:00pm   Ends: 5:20pm
Speaker: Alison Burdett
Quentin Pankhurst Director
UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME)

Closing Remarks - 10 minutes

Starts: 5:20pm   Ends: 5:30pm
Speaker: Quentin Pankhurst

Networking event - 1 hour, 30 minutes

Starts: 5:30pm   Ends: 7:00pm
Taking place in the South Cloisters, Gower Street, London