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Specifying health interventions in terms of their behaviour change techniques: an online training course

24th June 2014, 1st July 2014


  • Foster Court B29 - UCL
  • Darwin Building B05 - UCL
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To replicate and implement behaviour change interventions in research and practice, we need an agreed language to report their content, that is, their ‘active ingredients’. BCT Taxonomy v1 (BCTTv1) is a cross-domain, hierarchically structured taxonomy of 93 distinct behaviour change techniques (BCTs) with labels, definitions and examples that can be used to specify the content of behaviour change intervention. To help users build skill in using the taxonomy to identify BCTs, an online training programme has been developed. The purpose of this workshop is to introduce users to the taxonomy and familiarise them with the online training programme. Tutors will be available throughout the workshop to help users navigate the programme and answer any questions.

This workshop will be over two days, an introductory and an advanced session.

To book your place for the introductory session, please click here. The introductory session is suitable for those who are unfamiliar with behaviour change techniques and have not completed the online BCT training course. This session will take place in a computer lab and comprise a series of short talks, familiarisation with the online system and a series of exercises followed by discussions.

To book your place for the advanced session, please click here. The advanced session is suitable for those who have completed the BCT online training course and want to develop their expertise in applying the methodology. This session will take place in small groups, where attendees will share experiences of and questions arising from their use of the online training course.Groups will feedback to the rest of the group at the end of the workshop and a whole-group discussion will be held.

Please note: places for this training are limited, so register when you can and please inform us if you are not able to make it so we can give your place to someone else!

Further details TBC.

Chair: Caroline Wood
Venue: Foster Court B29 - UCL
Caroline Wood Assistant Director
UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

Introductory Workshop - 2 hours, 30 minutes

Starts: 2:00pm   Ends: 4:30pm
Speaker: Caroline Wood
Chair: Lou Atkins
Venue: Darwin Building B05 - UCL
Lou Atkins Associate Teaching Fellow
UCL Centre for Behaviour Change

Advanced Workshop - 2 hours, 30 minutes

Starts: 10:00am   Ends: 12:30pm
Speaker: Lou Atkins