Festival Mission

The UCL Festival for Digital Health 2014 aims to:

  • DISCOVER: new innovations from domains of nanotechnology, EPRs,   social media, mobile technology, games, self-tracking devices and apps   revolutionizing delivery of healthcare
  • SHARE: research, clinical, business and policy achievements from   UCL and UCLP
  • NETWORK: with staff and students across UCL, UCLP, industry, SMEs,   policy makers and healthcare professionals
  • CREATE: new interdisciplinary collaborations across Faculties and   disciplines and sectors

Organized by Dr Patty Kostkova (UCL Computer Science), the UCL Festival for Digital Health 2014 is hosted by the UCL Grand Challenge of Human Wellbeing and supported by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Population Health Sciences .

Digital Health

Digital health is defined as the use of information and communications technologies to improve human health and wellbeing for citizen, patients and populations.

The UCL Festival for Digital Health will aim to discuss the agenda for innovative technology-based clinical and public health interventions, engage individual citizens with the potential to transform healthcare over the next decade. In particular:

  • Mobile, gamification and apps: health education, personalized care,  public engagement, digital interventions, global health
  • Tracking technology, sensor/nanotechnology: self-management  for health, fitness and well-being, point-of-care diagnostics
  • User interfaces: novel medical devices, intelligent interfaces  and safe interaction
  • Social media, data analytics, citizen-centred systems: early warning,  surveillance, risk assessment, risk communication, participatory  systems and public health interventions
  • Behaviour change and improvement of healthcare outcomes
FDH Format

The UCL Festival for Digital Health will comprise a wide spectrum of activities including presentations from UCL staff members, UCLP Trusts and Bc/MSc/PhD students, poster and demonstration sessions, industry Speed Dating and panel debates with high profile speakers from academia, industry and the healthcare sector. Dedicated events will be organized jointly with the key stakeholders in digital health domain: IBME, Centre for Behaviour Change and UCL Advances.